Managing Roles

This section allows you to manage the predefined roles within the system. There are four types of roles, each with specific responsibilities:

  1. Department

The Department role is responsible for generating and managing specific Purchase requisition. Users with this role can create and manage reports at the department level.

  1. Approval/Review

The Approve role is intended for approving and reviewing requests regarding opportunity, financial availability, or technical aspects, when necessary. Users with this role contribute to the approval process of requests.

  1. Procurement Office Chief

The Procurement Office Chief role is responsible for receiving all Purchase requisition issued within the institution and delegating them to users with the Procurement Office role. This role plays a key responsibility in the procurement process.

  1. Procurement Office

The Procurement Office role is allocated to users delegated by the Procurement Office Chief. They are responsible for effectively managing procurement in accordance with approved requests.

Role Assignment

Each user is assigned one or more roles during configuration. The exception is the Procurement Office Chief role, which can be assigned to only one user.

Ensure that the role assignments efficiently reflect the structure and specific processes within the institution.

Data Access Management

  • Each role can be individually configured to have access to specific datasets within the system. 
  • Ensure that the access for each role is well-defined to efficiently match the specific needs and responsibilities.