Product/Service/Work Management

In this section, you have the ability to add all commonly purchased items within the organization. This can be done either individually or through a CSV file, facilitating the data upload process.

Individual Addition

  1. Press the ‘Add Product/Service/Work’ button.
  2. Fill in the necessary details such as name, unit of measurement, description (optional), category, and set price (optional).
  3. Save the information.

CSV File Import

  1. Press the ‘Import from CSV File’ button.
  2. Ensure that the CSV file adheres to the specified format in the interface – The uploaded file must contain lines in the form: name, unit of measurement (e.g., piece, set, liter), category (1-Products, 2-Services, 3-Works).
  3. Upload the file and confirm the import.

This functionality provides you with the flexibility to manage all purchased items quickly and efficiently