How to generate a Purchase requisition

Step 1. Step 1: Add a procurement request.

Step 2: Enter the requested information:

  • Purchase requisition number – optional
  • Purchase requisition¬†date – optional
  • Procurement category – mandatory – selection from the list
  • Funding source – mandatory – selection from the list
  • Request justification – mandatory – text field

Step 3: Adding items

Enter the requested information:

  • Item name – mandatory – selection from the list of products, services, works that is unique to the organization. If you want to request an item that is not listed, contact the procurement department for item addition. Once added, it will be available to all departments.
  • Item details – optional – a text field where a brief description of the selected item can be entered if necessary.
  • Unit price – mandatory – Enter your estimate of the price of the respective item. This estimate is necessary considering the legislative provisions, as the first step in the market prospecting process.
  • Quantity – mandatory – enter the required quantity.
  • VAT rate – mandatory – it is default at 19%, but can be modified if you request items to which a different VAT rate applies.
  • Specifications – optional – for products, services, or works of high complexity, you can upload specifications or a descriptive document. The attachment will accompany the item throughout the procurement process. Maximum file size: 10 MB. Accepted formats: pdf, docx, doc, ppt.
  • Save item button – Saves the entered information.
  • You can add a maximum of 50 items within a Purchase requisition.

Step 4. Approval Workflow 

In the right-hand box, there is a list of all users with the role of approving/reviewing the Purchase requisition. Depending on the position of the department in the institution’s organizational chart, drag the people who are to approve/review the Purchase requisition from the right to the left, establishing the approval order. Once the approval order is set, it will be implicit for all subsequent reports issued from your department.

Step 5. Finalizing the request

  • “Save” button – if you haven’t finished the request, it will be saved, and you can resume your activity later.
  • “Save and send” button – if you have completed the request, it will be sent through the approval workflow as configured in step 4.